ASDA Marketing Strategies


ASDA acknowledges the value of her colleagues as one of the UK's biggest grocery stores. The corporation has a footprint of more than 170.000 employees, 19 million clients a week and a turnover of £21bn in 2014. ASDA is one of UK's most popular discount supermarkets. The industry share in the UK retail market is around 17 percent (2009). The UK discount store landscape is very dynamic, and ASDA has to operate in a shifting consumer environment and boost its market positioning by growing its market share.

This study would examine ASDA's existing business condition and market policy, along with certain alternate market strategy that can be used to boost ASDA's market positioning. ASDA's market climate was clarified by the related hypotheses including SWOT analysis, the Porter 5 power analysis, PESTEL analytics, a special sale approach, STP etc. After, there were set new targets and alternative tactics introduced in order to boost the positioning of ASDA in the industry and raise the market share over the next two years.

SWOT Analysis-

SWOT analysis is a strategic plan technique which ASDA managers may use to perform the organization's situational analysis. The existing strengths (S), weakness (W), opportunity (O) and threat (T) are evaluated with a valuable methodology in the current market climate of ASDA. ASDA is one of the industry's largest firms. By closely studying and examining the SWOT analysis, ASDA retains its influential market place. SWOT research entails an immensely interactive method that needs efficient collaboration between separate corporate units, such as communications, funding and procedures.

Strengths of ASDA – Internal Strategic Factors-

The organization has created a culture between distributors and dealers in which distributors not only sell the goods of the company but also invest in educating their sales staff to demonstrate to customers how they will profit as much as possible. Effective track record of incorporation by fusion & procurement of complementary businesses. In the last several years, it has effectively merged many technology firms to streamline their processes and create a stable supply chain. Highly trained workers by effective educational programmers’ and learning. In the recruitment and advancement of its staff, ASDA spends tremendous money, contributing to a workforce not only well educated, but still inspired to do more.

ASDA has high free cash flows that provide the organization with capital for more expansion ventures. ASDA has acquired experience for joining and succeeding emerging industries. Superior results in new markets. The expansion also helped to create new business sources in the countries in which it operates and diversify the economic cycle risk. Large Brand Ports – ASDA has spent through the years in creating a strong brand portfolio. This is only highlighted by the SWOT review of ASDA. If the company is to grow into different product categories, this brand range will be incredibly helpful. Strong capital returns – ASDA is moderately efficient in carrying out new ventures and achieving strong returns on capital expenses by developing different income sources.

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