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British Airways is known to be a flagship United Kingdom carrier and one of the world's strongest carriers with one of the world's biggest path networks. That is often allocated by the amount of rolling aero planes and the destination protected by it to one of the biggest airlines. In 1972, the UK government formed the British Airways Board to oversee the British Overseas Company and British European Airways and two other smaller regional airlines. Later all four airlines came forces in 1974 to create British Airways. British Airways operates freight and commuter scheduled air services and flies to more than 160 destinations across the globe. British Airways shall be liable for airline publicity, aircraft funding and repair, benefits and package holidays (Annual Report, 2015). With the growing rivalry in the airlines industry over the years, the business proceeded to expand after privatization. British Airways has been recognized as innovative renewable technologies and market friendly strategic decision airlines. British Airways sponsored the European countries scheme to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

While British Airways' main market is the UK, it serves a wide foreign road network as well. The carrier operates over 70 countries and transports over 40 million passengers worldwide. In order to deliver additional flights to recreational destinations, the firm constantly optimizes the path network. In 2018, the airlines departed from London kept 30 percent of the allocation of British Airways' seats. It is the biggest provider on airports in Heathrow and London as well as the second largest on airports in Gatwick. BA has introduced over ten routes from Heathrow, Toronto, Las Vegas, Cologne, and Lyon from Gatwick and Munich and Rome, including Nashville, Durban, Seychelles, Kefalonia, Corsica and Sheremetyevo in 2018. In 2018, it confirmed its coverage to 34 North American sites in 2019 and the biggest network of European carriers (BA annual report, 2018). BA constantly optimizes its route network to include flights more frequently to common destinations in the United States such as Seattle and Nashville.

Challenges of British Airways In order for the company to be competitive in the market and to continue to profit, a business strategy must be integrated (Plan Your Marketing Strategy, 2010). In the present economic conditions, a business approach will help the organization win. Quinn (1998) notes that the organization will triumph over economic difficulties such as declining income, lowering consumer bases and excessive expenses with well-formulated plan. Any elements are needed to lead an organization in a well-designed plan. BA is an intensive resource. Quinn (1998) claimed that there is a strong need for a successful plan and that critics do a great deal of strategic thought. Moreover, as BA's management formulates plans that are applicable and practical to many economies' global slowdown and the decline in household earnings. According to Baker, the organization can effectively use its capital without wasting (2008).

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