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N Brown Group plc is a Manchester, England focused online retailer. N Brown sells a variety of items with an emphasis on underserved client segments, primarily clothes, accessories and home wares. In the UK and the Republic of Ireland N Brown Group Plc offers direct retail, performance and financial resources for home shopping. It sells a number of items, primarily women swear, men's clothing, boots, household and electronic goods, in biannual catalogues, monthly brochures, the Website, written materials and media ads.

Marketing and Communication-

Good contact is important for companies and thus uses a number of promotional instruments. The most common methods are advertisement, brand promotion, public relations, direct selling, personal sales and added benefit, such as sponsorship. They use conventional channels like paper and broadcasting, video and radio to bring their message out. But also new media, and the internet in particular, speak to and with their clients, future customers, vendors, financiers, merchants, societies and staff, etc.

In comparison to its rivals, Inditex's biggest brand invests just 0.3% of its advertising sales. Their marketing policy is to spend everything in the malls, opening stores in every city's big retail centers. (Franzensberg, 2014). The only ads they do sometimes is to advertise the launch of a new shop in local newspapers and trend magazines. (Christian Democrat, 2014). N Brown Party would not participate in advertising ads for tv or the public. They are instead spending in supermarket stores and promotions (Business Strategy Review, 2008). Their shops are recognized as shops with wide windows and entries which prohibit anybody who goes by from looking at them. Anything inside is clean and white, offering their goods a perfect shine.

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