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Understanding Arithmetic

Arithmetic is one of the main parts of mathematics just as spelling is to writing. Arithmetic refers to the calculations regarding the properties of regular life based on the fractions as well as the whole number etc. There are different operations for calculating the problems such as Addition (+), Subtraction (-), Multiplication (* or x) and Division (÷ or /). It is an essential branch of mathematics which helps the people to calculate simple day-to-day counting to advance level calculation associated with science and businesses. This branch of mathematics is used by most of the people in the world whether educated or uneducated. Arithmetic can be considered as the part of science, rather we can say formal science. It is considered to be the formal science as the formulas and laws of this subject is completely indisputable in any platform while the other laws of sciences can be debatable in some cases or can be replaced with a new invention. Therefore, arithmetic is considered the part of formal science and the fundamental of any calculative activity.

What Are The Main Elements Of Arithmetic?

The subject consists of several elements that help the user to solve the problems very easily. The main elements are, however, divided into three parts: Elementary Arithmetic, Decimal System, and Number System.

Elementary Arithmetic

The elementary arithmetic refers to the simple calculations regarding the digits or natural numbers. The calculations are done on the operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There is a multiplication table to assist the users to calculate and a sequence of calculations to decide which one has to be calculated first. The sequence of calculation procedure is presented by the short name as BODMAS. It implies that the users have to first do the calculations within the ‘brackets’ and then proceed with the ‘Or”. After considering these, the user will go for the ‘division’, ‘multiplication and ‘addition’ and at the end the ‘subtraction’. In this elementary arithmetic, it considers the negative numbers and the fractions too and represents the number line.

Decimal System

This is the part of arithmetic that consists of the numerical system with the base of ten. It is now mostly used in the modern mathematics for doing calculations involving the decimal numbers.

Number System

Another element present in this subject is called the Number System. There are different numbers such as real number, rational number, integer, irrational number, odd number, even number, positive number, negative number and a prime number.

These are the basic elements which are required to be understood by the students for developing an in-depth knowledge on the subject.

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