Operating System Assignment Help

Operating System Assignment Help

Operating system assignment help service by Online Assignment Solutions UK is highly anticipated by computer science students. Operating system (OS) is the software that administers the hardware and software resources of a computer and allows the system generated programming to perform a specific task. The operating system supervises the Random Access Memory and all significant processes within the system. Operating system facilitates the users to communicate with the computer by interpreting manual input into machine language. Moreover, a computer is void without an operating system. So get operating system assignment help from Online Assignment Solutions UK.

History Of Operating System

The basic features of an operating system were first developed in the year 1960 that was capable of performing various operations at a synchronous speed automatically. Until 1960, no complex features were added into it. After 1960, the operating system was improvised with hardware add-ons. The addition of hardware in operating enabled them to operate input/output interrupts, run-time library, parallel processors, link loading, spooling, multi-tasking, buffering, batch processing, record sorting etc.

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Classification Of Operating System

With the advancement in technology, there have been immense improvements in operating systems. Our operating system assignment help experts discuss the various classifications of operating systems:


An operating system regarded as real time is a multi-tasker that aims to execute real-time applications. This operating system implement significant scheduling algorithm in order to response quickly in a deterministic manner. Real time OS are often based on time-sharing and event-oriented designs. Operating system assignment help writer throw further light on them:

1. Event-Oriented: Swap tasks based on its priority and external events associated with it.
2. Time-Sharing: Swap tasks based on their clock interrupts.
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This is a type of operating system that allows access of a single computer by multiple users at the same time. Multi-user systems are designed respective to time-sharing configuration that enables the access of multiple users by sharing time period. For operating system assignment help, trust Online Assignment Solutions UK.

Distributed OS

In this system of OS, a group of independent computers are linked together to form a network and appear as a single computer. Moreover, when group of computers performs cooperative operations, it is known to be a distributed system. Our operating system assignment help stresses on distributed OS.


When a particular virtual machine is used as a guest operating system but implemented as a tool for running multiple virtual machines, it is known as template. According to our OS assignment help experts, the template system of OS is utilized in managing cloud computing mechanism and virtualization.


This is a compact form of operating system which is implemented to perform specific hardware-oriented functions. Students seeking operating system assignment help should focus on this.

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Some Examples Of Operating System


Abbreviation of Graphical User Interface, it is an operating system that comprises of visual indicators like graphics and icon. This is an easy way to interact with the electronic devices rather using command line texts. GUI is implemented in all versions of Microsoft windows but not supported in MS-DOS.


Unix is the most popular and widely used operating system developed by the contribution of various programmers, institutes and organizations. This is a command line specific OS primarily, but also allows room for additional applications such as Windows-X. Unix is a command line oriented OS and hence consist of various shells. Moreover, Shell is a significant modification to the UNIX OS. Make your concept clear with operating system assignment help.


It is an open-source and free operating system. The kernel of Linux performs on diverse platforms such as Alpha and Intel. Since it is a free expanded and distributed OS, the programmers can easily integrate new functions or eradicate programming languages bugs by accessing all of its source codes. For sample operating system assignment help, visit Online Assignment Solutions UK.

Mac OS X :

It is the successor of original Mac OS which was the primary operating system of Apple. Apple has recently launched the advanced version MAC OS 9 loaded with all new features unique from any other operating systems. Some of the distinct features of MAC OS 9 are 3D acceleration, inbuilt technologies like open GL, sharing facilities of files with other MAC users through internet network, 3.0 Colorsync, Access to networks like TCP/IP, computing synchronization by the application of HotSync software. Want operating system assignment help? com is the place!.

Microsoft Windows:

Microsoft Windows operating system represents the family of Microsoft Corporation. This operating system is designed with a strong focus on the computers that are based on Intel architecture whose total usage is estimated to 88.9 on computers that are connected through server. Operating system assignment help experts focus on the latest version of this OS is Windows 8.1 widely used in workstations. Windows 7 is considered as the majorly used general purpose OS. Moreover, the latest versions of Windows operate on 32-bit Microprocessors, IA-32 and x86-64 (important topic in operating system assignment help). Get thousands of operating system assignment help samples from us!.

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