Bioinformatics Assignment Help

Bioinformatics Assignment Help

In the past decades, there has been an upsurge in the production of biological data due to various advancements and new discoveries in the field of biology and medicine. With the advent of human genome project in the year 2000, whose goal was to unravel the human DNA, came a load of data that was needed to be stored for future analysis. With this necessity, the discipline bioinformatics came to existence. Our bioinformatics assignment help experts can assist students with their bioinformatics assignments which specifically requires the expertise of bioinformaticians for using the cutting age software tools that were developed to deal with the load of biological information.

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More About Bioinformatics

The interdisciplinary field bioinformatics uses computer science, mathematics and statistics to analyze and store biological data. All biological data that is produced from DNA, RNA and protein sequencing of various organisms are being stored and analyzed using various software tools of bioinformatics. Bioinformatics is a discipline which was born out of necessity. When the first genome sequence was done, scientists realized that the biological information is too much to be stored by conventional tools. Hence, it was deemed necessary that help is required to store the huge amount of biological data produced. Computer techniques were generated with the help of computer science professionals so that the biological information could be managed. Today, this combination of biology and techniques has emerged into the new discipline of bioinformatics.

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Application Of Bioinformatics

Drug discovery and development

Previously x ray crystallography was used for drug discovery but with the advancement in bioinformatics tools to produce 3D structure through simulation programs it has changed. Nowadays drug discovery is done with the help of the bioinformatics tools. The 3D structures of proteins created by using 3D simulation tools of bioinformatics are used to match with the drug molecule. This helps in finding the structure of drug molecules which best fit the proteins to give optimum functions.

Personal medicine

Personalize medicine is a model which proposes the personalization of healthcare. The model suggests that the medicines provided to individuals should match their genetic profile. The drugs should be given to patients according to their susceptibility to specific diseases. The genomes of the individuals are studied to find out the perfectly matched drug so that it can provide best help to the patient. Bioinformatics techniques are used to detect the susceptibilities and genetic variations of the patients so that better drugs can be provided to the patients.

Gene therapy

Gene therapy is also a drug delivery method that uses bioinformatics tools to diagnose various genetic diseases so that gene therapy can be performed. Genomes of patients with genetic disorders are first sequenced and uploaded to bioinformatics databases to find out various susceptible genes which have caused the disease. Then according to the genome data identified gene therapy is done.

Preventive medicine

By using bioinformatics tools, genetic mechanisms of diseases and disorders are being unraveled from the genome and protein sequences. With this knowledge new diagnostic tests are being developed to determine the susceptibility of an individual towards a particular disease. With previous knowledge of a disease yet to occur, people can take preventive measures to prevent diseases. For instance they can change their lifestyle or can have preventive treatments before the onset of disease.

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Basic Research

Comparative and evolutionary genomics

Bioinformatics tools are used in evolutionary and comparative genomics. These disciplines compare various organisms to establish links among them. The genetic data of various organisms are present in the bioinformatics databases which are compared with each other to find out relevant correlation among the selected organisms. Genomes of various organisms are compared with each other to find out the similarities among the genetic material of these organisms. For instance the DNA of humans was compared to that of chimpanzees and it was found that there are various differences in the genome which accumulated in both the genomes since they have diverged from one another from a common ancestor 6 million years ago.

Functional genomics and other omics

Functional genomics is a field of study which does comprehensive analysis of function, interaction and expression of all genes present in an organism. With the high performance bioinformatics techniques it has become possible to study the simultaneous gene expressions of a genome as well as the interactions among the proteins they code. The term genome is a portmanteau that is gene + ome, where ome is means "all genes". The “omics” term are used to refer to the study of various global data sets. Some examples are the proteome (the sequence patterns and expressions of all proteins), the transcriptome (the expression and sequence patterns of all transcripts), the interactome (complete set of the physical interactions among DNA sequences, proteins, and the RNAs), and the epigenome (the complete set of epigenetic modifications that occurs on the DNA).

Genome Wide Association analysis

Genome wide association analysis started with the HapMap project. This project was the next big thing after the sequencing of the human genome. This project was launched to find out the genetic variations among a single species- the humans. The goal of this project was to identify the genetic variations among the various ethnic groups of human beings. The goal was on to find out the genetic variation patterns such as various aspects of phenotype among the ethnic groups. The main focus was on the genes which makes a particular ethnic group susceptible to a particular disease. The combined application of bioinformatics tools and statistical analysis made it possible to catalog all the genetic variants affecting various phenotypes. The knowledge from these data can be used for diagnosis, preventions and personalized treatment of humans against various diseases.

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