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Philosophy is one of the important disciplines under Humanities which studies the nature of existence and intellectual abilities of human beings. It studies values, reasoning, logic and mind. The students who take philosophy as a subject in their college and university level need to write philosophy essay on different topics and aspects of the subject. Mostly the essays are argumentative or persuasive where the students put forward their opinion with strong evidence and justifications.

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10 Rules To Write A Philosophy Essay

Philosophy essay writing can be intimidating at times. Following a proper procedure can make any philosophy essay good and effective. Here we provide 10 such rules which will make philosophy essay writing task interesting and the end result impeccable. If you are a student, follow them to prepare an ideal philosophy essay.

1. Relevant Study Material

Experts often say that spending more time on researching make the essay more worthy. Always focus and study the study material that you have. Look for references in the library and Internet. The professors always like a fresh perspective in the essay. The philosophy essay should make an original contribution rather than reiterating the same facts.

2. Well-Structured Essay Plan

To provide something original, it is important to plan the essay beforehand. In the planning stage, prepare an outline of the essay according to the information gathered. Writing the essay can become smoother with a precise outline. The structure depends on the question asked. Make sure you write the essay according to the question rather than straying from the subject.

3. Accurate Thesis Statement

Generally, in the philosophy essay, you need to provide someone’s view, assess the views and theories or provide your own opinion. Depending on the question, prepare a neat thesis statement and write it in the introductory paragraph. It provides the reader substantial knowledge about what the essay is all about.

4. Intriguing Title And Introduction

An interesting tile with an engrossing introduction can be very beneficial to get higher grades. Its help to generate interest as the reader or the examiner feels interested to read the essay. It also helps to build confidence and write the following paragraphs. Convincing the reader is the key to success for philosophy essays.

5. Put Strong Arguments

A philosophy essay is incomplete without proper and strong arguments. All the arguments must include proper justifications to convince the reader. While you defend the topic, the same rule applies. The defensive arguments should be intriguing enough to persuade the reader. In a standard five-paragraph essay, you need to provide at least three arguments.

6. Clear And Concise Writing

Philosophy is a complex subject. So, it becomes even more important how lucid the students can write the philosophy essays. The writing should be concise and clear. It should clearly communicate with the reader. In philosophy essay, both the things hold, ‘what you say’ and ‘how you say’. Evocative writing can win the battle for you.

7. Practical Examples

Philosophy is an abstract subject so is essay writing. But philosophy essay writing can be made effective with some practical examples. Every argument in the essay should be followed with a relevant example to augment the effectiveness. The examiner will also understand your firm grip over the subject from the usage of relevant and worthy examples.

8. Opposing Views

Your take on the philosophy essay topic should be complete and comprehensive. The essay should also contain the opposing and the alternate views on the respective topic. Writing these conflicting views implies that you are aware of them. This also strengthens your opinion.

9. Expert Opinion

You can take the assistance of philosophy professors, tutors and experts who have profound knowledge in the subject. They can provide useful suggestions which, if included, will make the essay more worthy. They can also be helpful to identify the mistakes in your philosophy essay.

10. Redrafting The Final Essay

After completing the philosophy essay, the experts say it is compulsory to revise the essay. Revising helps to find and rectify the errors made in the first attempt. You should also have a careful eye for the grammatical and spelling errors. After correcting all the errors, redraft your essay and submit it.

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Common Errors Students Make In Philosophy Essays

Student often face problems while writing philosophy essays. The experts of philosophy essay writing services point out the common mistakes and errors that the students make while writing philosophy essays:

Inaccurate interpretation

The philosophy essays are about interpretations and explanations. All the concepts of philosophy must be clear to write such interpretations. Many students make inaccurate representations in their writing and ultimately get low grades.

Vague language

The philosophy essays should be written in strong language with clear and precise depiction of events. Obscure and vague language of the essay fails to communicate with the reader and ultimately gets them lower grades.

Poor arguments

Some students fail to defend their stand strongly as expected. They come up with poor and weak arguments which make the task even more complicated. The philosophy essays must be written with convincing arguments to persuade the reader.

Straying from the topic

Every essay comes with a straight question. Many students shift from the topic to be answered and hence end up writing an essay on something else. This is one of the common errors a student make while writing philosophy essays.


It is a very common mistake to repeat the same information in the introduction and conclusion. Even arguments and the examples are repeated in the body paragraphs. Repetition decreases the credibility of the philosophy essay.

These are some common mistakes and errors committed by the students. Many students also feel helpless with these essay writing tasks. In these situations, the students can take the assistance of the professional philosophy essay writing services. The expert philosophy help services will provide them impeccable essays according to their need. Among all the online educational assistance services, Online Assignment Solutions UK is the most trusted service which provides philosophy essay help services.

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