Arts & Architecture Assignment Help

Arts & Architecture Assignment Help

Arts architecture assignment help is a premier assignment help service of Australia for writing your arts and architecture assignments. Arts and architecture courses are immensely popular in universities around the world. In UK and the USA, universities provide separate degree courses in art history, criticism, art theory, architectural philosophy and the cultural discourse on architecture. In this article, we shall deal with arts architecture assignment help service and how Online Assignment Solutions UK can help you out with your architecture essay, architecture thesis, architecture dissertation, architecture writing, architecture research paper, architecture term paper etc.

Various Approaches To Art

Richard Wollheim distinguishes between three approaches to art:


In realist approach, the aesthetic value is absolute and is independent of human view. Objects should be represented as they are according to this theory


In the objectivist position, the aesthetic value is also absolute but not independent of human experience.


But in relativist position, the aesthetic value is not absolute and entirely dependent on human position. For complete arts architecture assignment help on realist, objectivist and relativist theories for your arts and architecture assignment rely on Online Assignment Solutions UK

With the arrival of modernism there was another radical break in the understanding of the function of art. This was again challenged with the advent of the post-modernism which radically altered our understanding of modernist art.

Art movement

Art history courses in contemporary universities and colleges mainly deal with art movements. Art movements are specific tendencies or styles in art practices followed by a large group of writers over a specific period of time. Some of the important art movements on late 19th century and 20th century are:
Social realism
Post modernism etc.
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New forms, styles and genres are constantly emerging. Digital art, photo realism, installation art etc have emerged. Internet for instance has moved art out of the narrow confines of galleries and museums and has brought art to the digital domain. Our notions of space have also been transformed with the coming of installation art. It refers to the artistic genre of three dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to change how we relate to space. For a long time, photography was just a mechanical representation of reality. Today, not only has photography emerged as an independent subject of art, a new genre of photo realism has come into being. In photo realism, an artist captures an image on camera and then tries to reproduce it as closely as possible in another medium. For the best arts architecture assignment help always trust Online Assignment Solutions UK.

Architecture: Definition

As a process, architecture is the activity of designing and constructing buildings and other physical structures by a person or a computer, primarily to provide shelter. A wider definition often includes the design of the total built environment, from the macro level of how a building integrates with its surrounding landscape ( town planning, urban design, and landscape architecture) to the micro level of architectural or construction details and sometimes, even furniture. For more on architecture for your architecture essay, architecture thesis and architecture dissertation trust Online Assignment Solutions UK.

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Architectural Theory And History

Architectural theory refers to the act of thinking, discussing and writing about architecture. Architectural theory has undergone seismic shifts over time. For a complete discussion on architectural theory, get arts architecture assignment help from Online Assignment Solutions UK. One can draw a definitive timeline of architectural theory in the following manner:

  • In the antiquity, no definite theory of architecture existed. However, Vitruvius wrote a book called “Ten books of Architecture” which defined classical architecture through three qualities namely firmness, commodity and delight.
  • Next in the middle ages, knowledge or architecture was passed from a master to his apprentice.
  • Like in art, the true period of architectural greatness started with Renaissance in Italy which saw the return of classical Greek architectural principle.
  • In the 18th and 19th centuries new technological innovations took place which was incorporated into architectural styles of that period.
  • Contemporary theories on architecture focus less on style but concentrate more on the position of architecture within culture. Postgraduate research work and doctoral dissertations discuss at length the philosophy of architecture and the cultural connotations of architectural and building styles rather than the technical aspects of architecture. To know more, do log on to Online Assignment Solutions UK for the best arts architecture assignment help.

Thus, we see that art and architecture are two vast areas which are interconnected through various overlapping areas, styles, genres etc. We cover all areas in our art and architecture assignment help material.

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