Paleontology Assignment Help

Paleontology Assignment Help

The study of ancient life is known as paleontology. Paleontology includes the study of ancient extinct dinosaurs to prehistoric mammals, plants, Insects, fish, and microbes. Paleontology is a rich discipline with interesting past and intriguing future. Paleontologists study fossil records to find out how various organisms evolved and changed over time. There is a consensus among the students of paleontology that it the most difficult subject to study. This consensus becomes more apparent when teachers and professors demand high quality assignments from students throughout the college years. The students often seek online help with paleontology assignments from qualified experts.

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Preservation Types Of Fossils

Fossils are the remains of once living organisms that existed millions of years ago are preserved by natural processes known as fossilization. There are various natural methods of preservation of fossils. Some of them are:


Permineralization is a process by which fossils are preserved. In this type of fossilization process minerals get deposited inside the internal spaces of organisms. Minerals are carried by water to the internal spaces to fill those spaces within the tissue of the organisms. Water flows into the pores present in the organic tissue where it forms crystal casts with the deposited minerals. Due to the nature of this type of fossilization process, permineralisation is very useful for the study of internal structures of organisms, mainly plants.

Unaltered preservations

Unaltered preservation is a fossilization process in which the original material of the organism does not change into a new substance, although it does not mean that the organisms have not changed. In this type of fossils, the water is lost from the organism’s body. The color of the body also changes and the protein present in the soft tissues degrade.


In this process of fossilization, water dissolves the hard parts of organisms and replaces those parts with minerals. The chemical reaction in this process of change of the organism’s parts is slow. This process reproduces the original structures of the organisms. Examples of fossils that are preserved through this preservation process are shells, bones and wood. The minerals which replace these structures are silica, calcite, hematite and pyrite. Snails shells are often replaces with silica which is a type of quartz. If the replacement takes place quickly than the structure losses any trace of the original structure, only creating the original structure but no details.


The process of recrystallization is same as replacement where water seeps into the spaces in the organism’s shell but in this process the compounds of the original skeleton are still preserved but in different crystalline form.


Carbonization is a preservation process where the residual carbon of an organism exits. The process of carbonization takes a long time to occur. Over time organisms are subjected to heat and high pressure which cooks up the organism very slowly and leaves behind only the thin carbon layer on the shale around. Plants are fossilized by this process. What today we use as coal are the fossils of plant of the carboniferous time.

Authigenic preservation

Authigenic preservation is also known as cementation which is a preservation process mainly for plants. This fossilization process involves molding and casting. In this process, carbonate or iron minerals get cemented around plants. The plants dissolve away over time and leaves behind casts produced by the cemented minerals of the plant’s internal and external faces. Often the void left behind by the plant is filled with sediment to produce molds.

One must note that most of the fossils found today are preserved using more than one type of preservation process. Often fossils are found that are being preserved through combination of preservation processes. For instance fossils of leaves are carbonized but they also form molds and casts. Ammonite fossils are primarily casts but their hard parts are also mineralized.

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How To Become A Paleontologist And Why Students Require Paleontology Assignment Help?

To become paleontologists, one must first earn a degree in paleontology. A PhD is often the required degree to become a paleontologist. Earning a PhD requires a student to do extensive research and complete various paleontology assignments. Often students who are pursuing this degree require online help with paleontology assignments.

A student must have an extensive knowledge of geology and biology and must have a passion to learn about the history of this planet, how life came into existence and how life evolved through all this time. It is a subject whose basis is in solving the mysteries of the earth and the life on it. Students who pursue this subject have the knowledge required for this but they often fail to produce written works of high quality. Students who lack the ability to write a proper assignment often seek help with paleontology assignments from online resources.

The best way to become a paleontologist is to opt for a double major in biology and geology. The curriculum of a double major degree demands a lot of time for classes and field works. Students often do not get time to complete their assignments. The academic pressure makes them to seek online help with paleontology assignments.

There are other subjects which are also important that students must study along with paleontology. Some of them are computer science, statistics and calculus, physics, chemistry, ecology, genetics and evolutionary biology. Students who lack knowledge of the extra fields of study required to become a paleontologists find it difficult to write assignment on topics associated with these secondary subjects. These students require help with paleontology assignments from online sources to bridge the knowledge gap.

Before taking the career pathway of paleontology, a student must first determine if this career is a good fit for them. A student aspiring to become paleontologist must be interested in doing field work and travelling to various places to discover fossils. They must have strong interests in natural sciences. A paleontologist must be emotionally stable because it requires a long time to become a paleontologist and patience is the key.

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