Chemical Engineering Assignment Help

Chemical Engineering Assignment Help

Chemical engineers are concerned with the transformation of raw materials into important finished products. There are three stages involved in the chemical technology. The first stage involves the treatment of the raw materials, the second stage involves the chemical transformation of the raw materials and third stage involves the separation of the finished products. Get detailed information by availing our chemical engineering assignment writing service.

Duties Of Chemical Engineer

A chemical engineer needs to undertake a plethora of activities. The duties of chemical engineers are as follows:

1. The primary task of a chemical engineer is to bring improvement in the manufacturing process by conducting researches.

2. They also find out ways to provide safety and security to the persons who work with dangerous chemicals.

3. They are also concerned with the planning and laying out of an equipment.

4. They develop various processes which are used in the separation of liquid and gases and for generation of electrical currents.

5. They identify the problems relating to the manufacturing or development of processes and sort them out.

6. They ensure the use of those equipment which cause minimal environmental damage.

7. They are also concerned with proposing an estimate cost price of a product to the management team.

End Products Obtained From Chemical Engineering

Most of the products which we use in our daily lives have been manufactured through chemical engineering. Some of the products which are obtained as an end product of chemical processes and which we use in our daily lives are as follows:


Hairspray is used by a lot of people. Hairspray is used by persons for achieving a particular hairstyle. Hairspray is designed as such that it helps people to hold a particular kind of hairstyle throughout the day. The components which are used in the manufacturing of hairspray are complex polymers. These polymers help people to hold their particular hairstyle for a long period of time. The packaging of hairspray is done in an aerosol can which is powered by dimethyl ether. Dimethyl ether is a pressurised gas and boils away on the pushing down of the nozzle. A lot of ingredients are present in a hairspray and the manufacturing of hairspray requires a lot of chemical processes.

Toilet Paper

Toilet papers are almost used by every household. Toilet papers are basically made from new paper or from recycled paper. The other materials which are used in the manufacture of toilet papers are water and chemicals. The chemicals are used in disintegrating the raw materials into bleaches and fibres. If recycled paper is used in the production of toilet paper, then all the different kinds of paper are first mixed and then the pulp is injected with air for removal of the ink. As the ink particles rise to the top of the pulp mixture, they can be skimmed off. On the other hand, for manufacturing toilet paper from new paper, a pressure cooker is first used to cook the chipped wood. This process evaporates the water which is present in excess and the wood is reduced to a pulp. The pulp mixture is then heated to decrease the content of moisture to around five percent. Then it is bleached. After bleaching, some machines are used to produce the toilet papers. So it is a long process to manufacture the toilet papers.


Toothpaste is an essential product which we use everyday in our daily lives. Toothpaste is used to prevent gums and stopsdecay of our teeth. The most important ingredient used in the toothpaste is fluoride. The use of fluoride in toothpaste strengthens our teeth and prevents formation of cavities in our teeth. The most common fluoride used for manufacturing toothpaste is sodium fluoride. Other ingredients used in toothpaste manufacturing are binders, foaming agents and abrasives. Toothpaste is generally manufactured in a batch process and around ten thousand tubes of toothpaste are manufactured in one single batch.

Apart from hairspray, toothpaste and toilet papers, many other products are also manufactured by various chemical processes. The manufacturing of these products require the study of chemical engineering. The chemical engineers need to do a huge lot of calculations and plan out various plans and processes for transforming raw materials into useful end products. This requires a lot of study and research during the academic course of chemical engineering. Through our chemical engineering assignment help service, we address each and every issue faced by students during the course. We help them with every assignments related to any aspect of the study.

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