Clinical Reasoning Cycle

Clinical Reasoning Cycle

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8 Phases Of Clinical Reasoning Cycle

The Eight Phases Of The Clinical Reasoning Process Are As Follow:

1. Considering The Patient’s Situation: In this phase, the nurse or health practitioners first get the latest information and health status of the patient.

2. Gathering The Data:The professionals consider the patient’s previous medical history carefully in this stage of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle.

3. Processing The Gathered Data: This stage involves the health practitioners process the information on the latest health status of the patient. They also consider what can be the possible outcomes for certain decisions made by them.

4. Recognizing The Problem: Once the information is processed by the professionals, they can easily find out the reason behind the latest status of the patient.

5. Setting Goals: In the fifth phase of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle, the professionals decide what will be the treatment goals regarding the patient’s condition. The individuals determine which steps they will take and how fast they want to get the right outcome.

6. Taking Actions: Once the goals are set, the professionals take action to meet the treatment goals of the patient. Every member of the healthcare team stays updated about the treatment goals to be achieved.

7. Analysing:This stage involves nurses and health practitioners analysing how effective the taken course of action has been.

8. Reflecting on The Process: In the last phase of the Clinical Reasoning Cycle, the professionals reflect on the things they have learned from a particular case and strengthen their skills.

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How Clinical Reasoning Cycle Is Used?

To provide quality health care to the patients, clinical nurses use clinical reasoning and critical thinking. In this way, health practitioners also avoid any risk of adverse outcomes for the patient. The Clinical Reasoning Cycleis used by following the above 8 steps.

How well a nurse or health practitioner thinks, reasons and judges decide whether he/she will be able to offer high-quality and safe care to patients. These professionals grow their problem-solving and decision-making skills by following the various Clinical Reasoning Cycle stages.

Every student in this line should get the proper training to develop his/her clinical reasoning skills so that they can apply it while dealing with critical patients.

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