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According to a report by Jrade& Lessard (2015), several building ventures are currently facing inefficiencies, inadequate development and limited documentation and knowledge on design specifications. There are requirements that can cause any Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) project financial loss. Any financial losses in such programs can contribute to a profitable project failure for project managers. A study by Lee, Yu and Jeong (2013) shows that the advances technology has had a positive effect on the solution to smarter apps, particularly building knowledge modelling (BIM) (Lee, Yu, &Jeong, 2013, p.1).

A BIM depicts a visual image of a facility's physical and organizational features. As such it offers details about a facility as a common knowledge network, forming a consistent base for decisions throughout the life cycle. The slow adoption in the research literature involved research to look at different facets of BIM adoption in the industry and generally the position of AEC industry project managers in growing or lowering the pace of BIM adoption. Many partners from multiple organizations invest in every AEC style initiative. Each of these parties has a project manager of their own. This means that many project managers engage in certain programs.

Noori (1990) notes that new technology management is required to bind innovation, science and management to prepare, develop and execute technology capability to form and achieve the organization's strategic and organizational goals. The adoption of building invention also takes only very substantial benefits for many ventures from this innovation, MacLeod (1998).

UK Construction Industry

The building industry is a main field in the UK economy which consists of a broad variety of goods, facilities and technology. These can vary in the economic value they produce, representing discrepancies in the usage of and value they generate from specific development factors (raw materials, physical resources, immaterial, professional and un-qualification labor and knowledge).

The contracting business is the biggest subsector of the building sector, responsible for about 70% of UK construction's overall value added and almost 70% of jobs23. While smaller in scale, building goods and services are still vital to the success of the company and produce major economic benefits. About EUR 4.2bn of gross value added in 2011 served some 16,000 UK-based businesses, dealing in design and quantity surveys,24. The sub-sector commodity category produced almost £4 trillion in value added in the same year by some 3,000 companies supplying metallic structures and components. Building therefore has a much greater economic importance. It develops, constructs and manages the places where industries working and prospering, the economic infrastructure that connects the country, the homes where citizens reside and the schools and hospitals that provide the services required by community. The British economic development needs a new, sustainable and productive building industry. It is therefore important to the UK if its contributions to the climate change Act and broader environmental and social expectations are to be met.

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