Tesco and its strategic implication

The study presents a strategic overview of Tesco Plc’s activities, with an emphasis on the effects of the current global pandemic for the organization. Tesco Plc is one of the UK's largest grocery stores, operating in numerous European and Asian countries. This study focuses on the retail supermarket sector in the United Kingdom and avoids all other firms, including the financial services of Tesco. In addition to an assessment of company's capital and competencies, the study offers a PEST analysis for Tesco. With the Ansoff Matrix, the available growth strategies can be described by the company. The author proposes that the business adopt a market penetration plan. The retailers are impacted by many business uncertainties and further investment in new markets or product growth is not recommended.

Question 1- Using appropriate Strategic Management tools and models, critically analyze and evaluate Tesco’s current strategic position.


The Business Profile Jack Cohen formed the public limited company Tesco in 1919 in Cheshunt. In 1929 the first store opened in Burnt Oak. Based on its sales, the organization ranks third among the world's food and market retailers. Tesco is unique in its scale, namely that it is primarily situated outside of the city with large in-built separate shops.

Mission- The company is following a goal of "making customers' living loyalty value." The main aim is to allow the company to provide customers and staff with every little support to sustain a long-standing partnership. The company's operation reflects this value in terms of knowing its clients, providing them goods and services as per their needs, maintaining social responsibility towards the communities, building the employees ' morale and appreciation by improving teamwork, listening to grievances, helping them and exchanging information and experiences.

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